Parenting Tips (0-2 year olds)

Exersaucer vs Jumperoo – 8 Things You Need To Know

There are actually more similarities than differences between the exersaucer (also known as a baby activity saucer) vs jumperoo.  I will admit right away that we had both of these items for our children.   Honestly, at times they were a…
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Speech Delay In Toddlers: 19 Red Flags To Watch For

speech delay in toddlers featured image girl with dog

Children develop at different rates.  Some children walk at 9 months where others don’t take their first steps until 15 months.  Both of these are considered normal. The same goes for speech and language development.  The average age a child…
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At What Age Do Babies Start Talking? When To Be Concerned

At what age do babies start talking? Unfortunately babies are not robots, so there is not a specific answer to this question. However, there are many pre-verbal skills a baby needs to have before spoken language will emerge. Find out…

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