Play Based Learning Articles (4 years and above)

19 Fun & Free Games To Play With Kids!

*Updated May 2022* Whenever I share articles about keeping kids occupied with fun activities, I also like to add a bit of a disclaimer. It’s ok for kids to be bored.  In fact, it’s an important part of child development….
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7 Fun-Filled Outdoor Activities for Preschoolers!

3 young children running outside

Outdoor activities for preschoolers should not be taken for granted. In fact, children are spending less time outdoors than ever before and this is impacting their development. So here are 5 great reasons to get your kids outside! Plus, read…
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Forest School Activities In A Child’s Early Years

*Updated February 2022* Children thrive outside but every year, studies show that less and less time is spent outdoors by children. This is where forest schools can come into play! Have you heard of them before? If not, below is a brief…
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