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*Last Update: February 15, 2017

Thanks for your interest in guest posting on Seeme and Liz!

What’s In It For You:

 I will share your post on Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, G+ and Pinterest) 3 times during the week it is published.

If I really like your post I will add it to my “recycled posts”.  I use a program called Social Jukebox that allows me to add my favorite tweets and it will randomly send out a predetermined number of tweets each day. This means extra exposure for you!

You may include 1-2 relevant links to an article you have written on your blog/website within the article.

You may also include a short bio at the end of your article. You can include one link to your website as well as links to your social media accounts.

Here are the guidelines!

1. No Affiliate Links!

2. It is of the utmost importance that your article has been checked for grammar/spelling mistakes and that the text is broken up by paragraphs and subheadings.  Articles submitted that need extensive revisions will not be accepted.

3. If your article is not optimized for SEO I may make some changes in that area.  I will send you the article with any edits that have been made prior to publishing it on the site.

3. Your article must be 750+ words.

4. Only original content may be submitted.  Do not copy all or parts of an article found elsewhere online, including your own website.  Google isn`t a fan of duplicate content and I would like to stay on Google`s good side!

5. The article must fit in with the topics on Seeme and Liz.

6. You have experience writing in this niche (parenting/child development) or you are a parent, teacher, caregiver or other professional with an interest in children and their development.

7. You may include your own images assuming that you have the rights to use these images online.  If you choose not to provide images I will add these myself.  If you are including images, please make sure that you attach them separately in an email and not within your article.

NOTE: I will edit all images to fit with the various social networks.

8. An author bio must be included at the end of your article (2-3 sentences).  You may also add an image of yourself or your blog/website logo.   Images can be sent via email once your article has been accepted.

9. If you have a blog or website, make sure you include the URL in your message to me so that I can take a look at it.

10. If you are referring to studies or facts in your article, please include links to back up this information.

Some topics that you can write about include:

♦ General Parenting Info
Play Based Learning
Fun Learning Activities
Art and Craft Ideas
Importance of Play For A Child’s Development

***No articles to do with apps for children please***

To give you a better idea of what Seeme and Liz is about click here.  You are more than welcome to write about other topics I might not have mentioned as long as the topic fits in with what Seeme and Liz is all about and that is that children learn best through play!

But even better, download my free e-book to get a better sense of articles that would be a good fit.

If you are interested in writing a guest post, please fill out the form below.  I will only respond to serious inquiries.  Therefore you must provide a topic idea AND a link to your blog/website and/or social media accounts in your initial message to me or I will not respond.

I can’t wait to work with you!

Tanya Thibodeau

Owner and Primary Content Creator of Seeme and Liz

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