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Seeme and Liz began as a way for me to express my passion for encouraging young children to learn language and other important early childhood skills through play.

The information you will find here is for parents, caregivers and educators of babies, toddlers and children up to the age of 6.

To learn more about me and my background in child development (and how I came up with the name Seeme and Liz) check out the about section.best learning toys for kids

I strongly believe that currently, too much emphasis is being placed on early academic skills.

As more studies are being done, we are learning that a push for early academics is actually proving detrimental to children in the long run.

The following articles should provide some insight into this:

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Let The Kids Learn Through Play

The New Preschool Is Crushing Kids

At Seeme and Liz you will find toy recommendations and activities that promote language development and learning through play!

You will also find articles about child development and speech-language development along with some general tips and tricks all parents should know about!

I’m also a big supporter of positive parenting techniques and some of the articles you will find here will discuss parenting positively and with purpose in order to form a strong bond between parent and child.

Life skills are also important for children and these types of skills can be gained through play – often through unstructured and unsupervised play!

If an article is not written by myself (Tanya) it will state at the beginning that it has been written by a guest author.

If you are a new parent or a more experienced parent but would like some amazing tips to help you in your parenting journey, make sure to get a copy of my FREE e-book: Step by Step Guide to Raising an Amazing Child.

Below are some links to help get you started:

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What Are The Best Learning Toys For Kids?

If you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact me.

Happy Playing!


Owner, Seeme and Liz

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