Nurturing Your Child’s Self Esteem Through Play

nurturing your childs self esteem through play

As parents, we all want our children to feel good about themselves. Research has shown that self-esteem is critically linked to success. We’ve also learned much more about how to foster self-esteem in our children in recent years. For young…
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What Is RIE Parenting And Is There Any Value In It?

What is RIE Parenting?

*Updated December 2021* What is RIE parenting? It is a parenting style that as of very recently I hadn’t heard of. Friends often ask me about parenting tips (because of my background working with children of all ages and abilities) and…
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Teach Your Toddler To Read The Right Way!

Why I didn't teach my toddler to read

*Updated November 2021* Were you searching for “ways to teach my toddler to read?” when you stumbled on this article? Whatever brought you to Seeme & Liz, I am glad that you are here so I can share with you…
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