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5 Kitchen Sets For Older Kids You Need To Check Out!

5 kitchen sets for older kids

Kitchen sets for older kids can be a challenge to find. Many kids kitchens are small or too toy like for an older child to enjoy. But look no further, I have found 5 kitchens that are suitable for kids over the ages of 4-5.

5 Must Have Toys For A Baby Registry!

toys for baby registry

Here are 5 Must Have Toys For A Baby Registry. As an added bonus you will learn why these toys are so important for a baby’s early development!

My Child Understands But Doesn’t Speak – Read This!

my child understands but doesnt speak

“My child understands but doesn’t speak” is something that all speech pathologists have heard. While most of the time this is probably true, there are some cases in which the child has learned strategies to make it look like he is understanding when he isn’t. I will show you how to detect true understanding.

What Is A Late Talker – The Truth Revealed!

What Is A Late Talker the truth revealed

I often hear parents say “oh, my child’s just a late talker, I’m not worried and neither is my Doctor”.  But what is a late talker exactly? Let me explain. A Late Talker Is:  A child between 18 and 30…
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