DIY Kids Kitchen Sets: Your Ultimate Guide

Play kitchens for kids are a must have toy for every child!

This one toy can do so much for your child’s development, including vocabulary building, problem solving, social skills, pretend play, etc.

If you are crafty and love making toys for (or with) your kids then you have come to the right place!

These DIY kids kitchen sets range from super simple to put together to requiring some skill and tools.

Making your own toy kitchen is a great way to re-purpose old furniture or use up some material you may have lying around.

12 Homemade Kids Kitchen Sets You Need To See

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I have grouped these kitchens into the following categories:

♦ Ikea Toy Hacks
♦ Storage Bin Kitchens
♦ TV Stand Kitchen Sets
♦ Extremely Compact Play Kitchens
♦ Dresser Kitchens
♦ Chair Pretend Kitchens

Ikea Toy Hacks

The following 2 kitchens are made using Ikea furniture.

If you are like me I am sure you have at least one piece of Ikea furniture in your home.

But if you don’t you may have something similar.

Ikea Stool Play Kitchen

This is actually a stove (with oven) but it’s small and won’t take up much space.

If your child really likes playing with it you could always make some cabinets/counter top to go with it.

It’s perfect for a toddler! Head over to Ikea Hackers for all the details.

DIY Ikea Stool Play Kitchen For Kids

Ikea Nightstand Play Kitchen

This kitchen starts with an Ikea Rast Nightstand.

You will need to be fairly good with a saw and screwdriver to put this one together! But it’s perfect for a small space and a toddler.

The instructions for this kitchen can be found at Spacey Casey Creates.

Ikea Nightstand DIY Play Kitchen

Storage Bin Play Kitchens

The next 2 kitchens are made out of plastic storage bins.

They are great for small spaces, especially where storage is an issue.

Pack N’ Go Kids Stove

I love this idea for its simplicity.

I have seen this kind of stove on several sites and for some reason many seem to recommend making your own vinyl stickers.

If you are like me this won’t be an easy thing to do because you need a machine like the Cricut to make vinyl stickers.

And unless you plan on making a lot of cut outs, these machines are very pricey.

But, don’t get discouraged because you can make your own cutouts with some card stock and self adhesive laminating sheets.

Cut out the burners, nobs, dials using the card stock.  Then make these more durable by covering them with the laminating sheets.

Use a strong glue such as gorilla glue to adhere these pieces to the lid.

Take a look at Pink Cake Plate for the full instructions for this “kitchen”.

Although I am sure you can figure out exactly how to make this just by looking at the picture.

If you did want to make vinyl stickers then you will want to read the instructions.

The pack n’ go kids stove would be ideal for small spaces, for traveling or to leave at Grandma and Grandpa’s house!

DIY Kids Play Stove - uses plastic storage bin and is super easy to make!

Storage Drawer Pretend Kitchens

Another great idea when space (and storage) is an issue.

The storage drawer unit shouldn’t cost you more than $20-30 so it is a cost effective project.

It also isn’t very time consuming to put together.

The only issue could be the fact that vinyl stickers are used.

If you do not know how to make these yourself (special tools are required) you could try drawing on the unit with a permanent marker.

Alternatively you could follow my suggestion from the pack n’ go stove and use card stock, laminating adhesive and a hot glue gun or crazy glue.

This idea came from Pineapples and Pinecones.

Easy DIY Kids Play Kitchen using a 3 level storage drawer unit.

TV Stand Play Kitchens

There are actually quite a few instructions online that re-purpose old TV stands into kids play kitchens.

You will need to have some tools, wood, paint and other accessories around for these types of kitchens.

Here are 2 to give you an idea.

Single Level TV Stand

The one pictured below is from 1 Dog Woof and uses a single level entertainment unit.

Ikea has lots of these!

Make a kids play kitchen out of old single level TV stand!

Double Level Entertainment Unit

The next one uses a larger entertainment unit that gets quite the overhaul.

But the final product is amazing!

I love the microwave that they added.

It looks so real and will add to the playtime.

You can learn more about this pretend play microwave here.

Head over to Southern Revivals for step by step instructions!

DIY Kids Kitchen Set using an old entertainment unit

Extremely Compact Toy Kitchens

These tiny kitchens are perfect for little hands and will fit into most purses and bags.

Instead of handing over your phone to keep him entertained, pull out one of these compact kitchens to keep him busy while you wait for appointments or at a restaurant.

Roll Up Kitchen Playmat

What an adorable idea! But you will need how to sew in order to make this one.

Joyful Abode has very detailed instructions that you can follow.

Miniature Toy Kitchen

If there was an award for world’s smallest play kitchen this one would win! It is extremely small and therefore perfect for a toddler.

However, all of the accessories that go along with it are quite small and could easily be a choking hazard.

So if you have a child under 3 that would be playing with this make sure you are always paying attention.

It’s hard to tell just by looking at the picture but the stove is a mint tin!  Very creative.

Credit for this novel idea can be given to Made By Joel!

Tiny kids play kitchen set made with mint tin and other accessories

Dressers Can Make Great Play Kitchens

Just like the TV stand kitchens there are many options to upcycle old dressers and turn them into play kitchens for the kids.

I have selected 2 different styles to give you some ideas.

Dresser Top Kitchen

You don’t need to know how to sew or use fancy tools to make this impressive DIY play kitchen!

All you need is some paint, old cd’s a permanent marker and supplies from a dollar store!

Kate’s Creative Space is where you will find more information about how to put this together!

Make your own kids play kitchen with the top of a dresser! All you need is some paint and a few accessories

Dresser Turned Play Kitchen with Fridge

This upcycled play kitchen will take a bit of work (and skill) but the final product will make it well worth your time.

Detailed instructions are available at Huckleberry Love.

Homemade play kitchen made from dresser and file cabinet

Chairs Can Be Kitchens Too

Who would have thought that a chair could be turned into a pretend kitchen for kids!

The Slipcover Play Kitchen (Stove)

If you can sew, this shouldn’t be too difficult.  But don’t worry if sewing isn’t your thing.

You can purchase a pre-made slipcover.

The burners, window, knobs, door, etc. can be cut out of fabric and glued on (hot glue or fabric glue should do the trick) if you can’t sew.

Velcro strips can be attached to the edges of the oven door so that it can open and close.

The instructions for this one can be found at Ideas2Live4.
Make a DIY play kitchen with a chair and slipcover!

The Kitchen Chair Kitchen

You read that right, use an old kitchen chair to turn it into a play kitchen for the kids.

No slipcover is needed, but you will need to use some tools and paint and a few other supplies to get this chair kitchen ready!

All Dad All Day has the information you will need to assemble this kitchen.

Compact kids kitchen made from old chair

Will You Attempt Any Of These Homemade Kitchen Sets For Kids?

If you are handy or crafty you will probably love some of these ideas.

Being able to make a kitchen for your child will save you money and it will make this toy so much more special.

But, if you are like me, it’s much easier to purchase a pre-made one.

Although I am sure Grandma would have loved to make one of these for the kids when they were younger.

It’s too bad she’s a plane ride away from us.

Either way, a pretend play kitchen (homemade or store bought) is a must have toy for all children!

DIY kitchen playsets with text overlay


  1. Daniella

    Hi Tanya,

    Excellent post, I really liked the reading!

    My children are already adults now, but my brother’s kids are still small, and when they come over to my house, they play with all my stuff in my kitchen:) So I thought I would buy a kids kitchen set for them to play with when they are invited over. 

    I really like the Single Level TV Stand kitchen. I am going to take a look at One Dog Woof. Is it possible to buy it from their website or I need to buy it in IKEA? Also, I would like to know if it’s available in other colors? 

    Thank you for this excellent article!

    1. Tanya (Post author)

      Hi Daniella,

      These are all DIY kitchen sets.  You cannot purchase these from any website.  If you are interested in a premade website, check out some of my articles on kids play kitchens:

      The Best Toy Kitchen Sets For 2019-2020

      The 5 Best Kids Play Kitchens: They Will All Encourage Language and Learning!

      The Best Kitchen Sets For Older Kids You Need To Check Out!

  2. Ray

    What a great idea to get kids involved in what goes on in the kitchen. I think my grandson would love one of these as he played a hand in making the container of cookies I got for Xmas.

    My dad was a cook in the Navy in WW2 and taught me how to cook a full course breakfast when I was only 7. He never stopped teaching me how to cook and to this day I love to cook and have to say that I cook better than most of the women I know.

    I think it’s invaluable to get kids involved early for several reasons. First of all, it’s an opportunity to help them learn safety in the kitchen as it can be a dangerous place for kids who are not taught properly.

    Also, it’s good for the self-esteem of kids when you get the involved. Homemade kitchens are a great idea to get kids started and prepared for the day when they can move up to the real thing.

    1. Tanya (Post author)

      You’re right Ray, it is important for kids to be involved in the kitchen.  It is a valuable life skill.  And a kids kitchen is a great way to learn many other skills.

  3. RazvanIlie

    Thanks a lot for such an amazing review about DIY kids kitchens and the explanations you have given.

    My daughter saw this toy at a friend’s house and she kept asking me to buy it. I have been searching for an article for a long time about this but I did not find much on the internet and if I found it was very poorly explained. When I came to this site I found out everything I needed.

    Thanks again for this post. If you don’t mind, I will share this article on my social media account. Good luck!

    1. Tanya (Post author)

      I’m sure your daughter will love any of these DIY kitchens!  And of course you can share this article on social media!

  4. SJB

    I love what you say about play kitchens helping the child’s development! It makes total sense! It’s like art. It is art, in my opinion! It brings me back to when my children were young! I used to play with my daughter’s kitchen all of the time! Well, not alone of course but it was surely a pleasure to play! I like the storage drawer pretend kitchen a lot. It’s inexpensive and practical! Great website and wonderful ideas! 

    1. Tanya (Post author)

      Thanks!  Yes, I love the practicality of the storage drawer play kitchen!  If my kids were a bit younger I would definitely make that for them.

  5. Kylie

    Hi Tanya! I am in the “IKEA” group because I am a fan of their product! Lol
    Well, speaking of Kids Kitchen Sets, I feel this is a must have toy for the mental and brain development of children. Because with toys like this, they can imagine the food they can make. And not even surprised, they will be next to you when you cook. Because they will continue to ask questions and curious the material we use to cook. Believe me! It was my personal experience with my 3-year-old child now, and certainly with IKEA’s KIDS Kitchen Sets! LOL

    1. Tanya (Post author)

      Hi Kylie,

      Thanks for your comment.  I am happy to hear you love the IKEA kids kitchens.  Have your tried making your own play kitchen with IKEA furniture?

  6. Jenifer

    Awesome! Toy kitchens are one of the most favorite toys in childhood. In my childhood, I had spent most of the time with my toy kitchen. My 2 year old girl would love it so much. I think this kind of pretend play kitchen is also helpful for children’s mental growth. So I want to buy or even try to make a toy kitchen for my daughter. Thank for sharing these great DIY play kitchens.

    1. Tanya (Post author)

      Thanks Jenifer! Play kitchens are a great toy for so many reasons. I’m sure your daughter would love a homemade one or store bought, if the DIY option is too much of a challenge. Be sure to check out this article in which I talk about 5 amazing play kitchens and how they can help with a child’s speech and language development!

  7. Monica

    I loved this article. We visit a restaurant that has a family room where kids can get up and play with toys and one of them is a kitchen set. My little one loves to play with it, I have looked for one just like it but have not been able to find one, it is made of wood. After reading this article it makes be believe that it was made. Although I wish I would have read this article a few weeks ago I gave away some furniture that would have been perfect for this so I will be going to the swap meet or yard sales to look for some cheap old furniture that will work for this. Again great article.

    1. Tanya (Post author)

      Hi Monica,

      That sounds like such a great restaurant.  There are many ready made wood kitchens out there if DIY isn’t your thing.  But if you are somewhat handy then definitely give one of the kitchens in the article a try!

      It’s too bad you just gave away some old furniture.

  8. Ruby

    This is such a cool article! I will have to show this to my brother. He is very handy and I’m sure he would love to create something like this for the little ones.
    How handy does a person need to be to make these DIY play kitchens? Some of them look a bit complicated, but others seem not too difficult.
    Fantastic ideas and nice that they are homemade!

    1. Tanya (Post author)

      Glad you liked the article Ruby!

      You do need to be somewhat handy for most of these kitchen sets as they involve using a saw, hammer, nails, screws, sewing machine, etc.  

      But, the portable one should be fairly easy.  If I were to make this (I think I might get the kids to do it with me supervising) I would use a plastic bin with a lid and then use card stock  for the burners, nobs, etc.   I would cover the card stock with self laminating paperr so it won’t rip or get damaged.  It adds an extra layer of protection.

      Then use gorilla glue (or any other super glue that works on plastic, paper, wood, etc) to secure the burners and nobs.

      Once we get around to making one I will add some pictures to the post!

      Let me know if you do decide to make one of these.  I would love to hear how it went!

  9. Charlie

    This is so awesome! My girls would absolutely love a homemade play kitchen! They have two already built kitchen sets and ALL the accessories already, but I know for sure they would love to help me make another one. They play with them so much, it’s one of those toys that was definitely NOT a waste of money. I think all kids love a good old play kitchen. Gosh only if I had the time, I would definitely try to build one. It’s just too bad I am not that handy. Maybe one day.

    1. Tanya (Post author)

      That’s great Charlie.  I love hearing about kids playing with their pretend kitchens! 

      You could start by trying one of the more straightforward diy play kitchens.  Like the storage bin one.  The kids could help make it! 

      Let me know if you do try to make one.  I’d love to hear how it turned out.  

  10. Linda

    This post was so interesting because it shows us parents that children really should have some kind of play kitchen. They seem to have so many useful features and I believe that children are lacking in many areas including play and physical activity these days due to technology.   A kitchen toy helps children to be active and use their imagination while having fun and learning at the same time.

    Some of these seem quite challenging to make but others are pretty straightforward.  I may have to give one a try!

    1. Tanya (Post author)

      Thanks Linda,

      I am a bit obsessed with play kitchen sets, whether they are DIY or store bought.   It is a must have toy for so many reasons.  Many of which you mentioned in your comment.

      You might find this article of interest as I get into more detail as to why this toy is so important Kids Toy Kitchens: 10 Reasons Why Every Child Should Have One!

  11. Kristian

    We have plenty of kids kitchens in our house, including a wooden Ikea one. I am always amazed by how kids love to play shopkeepers for hours at a time.

    I have never thought to create a bespoke kids kitchen out of old furniture, but some of the images in your post are very inspiring. My DIY skills are probably not good enough, but I loved reading about it anyway.

    1. Tanya (Post author)

      Glad you enjoyed the article Kristian!

      Perhaps you could try making one of the portable play kitchens out of a plastic bin.  It probably wouldn’t be too complicated.  I love that it can easily be used for travel and everything can be stored inside.

  12. helen

    I love your blog, the diy kitchens for kids is so creative! I have been meaning to get my two year old a play kitchen as I really do see the benefits but I find them expensive, these diy tips are great thank you for a great post. I am going to attempt your suggestion and provide some feedback.

    1. Tanya (Post author)

      Thanks for your comment Helen!  A play kitchen is a toy that will last many years, so they are well worth the investment, but if you are crafty then definitely try making one yourself!

      You may find these articles of interest as well!

      Kids Toy Kitchens: 10 Reasons Why Every Child Should Have One!

      Cardboard Kids Kitchens: A Portable and Eco-Friendly Alternative


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