Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit Review – It Really Is Magical!

Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit Review

Just like the title says, the Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit really is magic.

I am a huge advocate of babies and children getting enough sleep.

Sleep plays a crucial role in both your child’s physical and brain development.

So much is going on “behind the scenes” when a child is sleeping.

I would even go as far as saying that sleep is just as important as providing nutritious food and opportunities for exercise.

Since sleep is so important to a developing child, I urge you to establish healthy sleep habits and patterns in your children right from birth.

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Before I get into exactly what The Magic Sleepsuit is, I want you to know that I was not compensated or approached by Baby Merlin to write this review.

The Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit: My Personal Experience

What Is A Magic Sleepsuit?The Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit - A Review

This is probably one of the best named products out there.  It does exactly what it claims to do.

It is a sleepsuit that magically gets your little one to sleep for longer stretches!

My daughter was a great sleeper.  She transitioned from swaddling to a sleepsack with no interruptions in her sleep.

She was happily swaddled until she was about 7 or 8 months long.  Most babies are not fans of swaddling for that long.

My son on the other hand, started fighting the swaddle at about 3 months old.

We tried putting him into a sleepsack, however he still had many primitive reflexes (e.g. arm and legs flailing, twitches, jerking movements) so when he was in a sleepsack his reflexes would startle him and cause him to wake up every few hours.

I was very frustrated and sleep deprived and spent hours throughout the night online in hopes of finding a solution to help my baby sleep.

This is when I stumbled upon the Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit.

This was back in 2009 so I couldn’t find very many reviews on it but if it did what it claimed to do I would be one very happy customer.

I decided that my sanity was worth the money (between $30 and $40) and I placed my order and waited patiently for the arrival of my magic sleepsuit.

I wish I would have saved some pictures of my son in the sleepsuit to share with you.  He was so adorable in it!

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Key Points of the Magic Sleepsuit

  • great for transition from swaddle to sleepsack
  • inner layer of polyfil provides some weight to the sleepsuit which is what inhibits the startle reflexes
  • choose between jersey cotton or microfleece (both options have a cotton inner layer and the polyfil middle layer)
  • available in pink, blue and yellow
  • 2 size options (3-6 months – 12-18lbs and 6-9 months – 18-21lbs)
  • scooped neckline keeps fabric away from baby’s face
  • double zipper to make getting baby into and out of suit easier
  • open hands and feet to allow for airflow and grasping
  • makes baby feel comforted and secure thus reducing the need for parent intervention (e.g. rocking back to sleep).
  • can be machine washed and tumbled dry

Here is a full list of frequently asked questions regarding the magic sleepsuit.

Check out this video to see just how easy it is to use the magic sleepsuit!

My Personal Experience with the Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit

As I mentioned above, we used the magic sleepsuit with my son when he was around 3-4 months old.

He had started resisting the swaddle and had figured out how to get his hands/arms out of it, no matter how tightly we swaddled him.

However, he was still startling awake due to primitive reflexes.  We were given many tips to help our baby sleep through the night, but none worked as well as the magic sleepsuit!

This sleepsuit was the perfect transitional sleep aid for us.  

My son was big as a baby (you would never know it now, he is now a very small 8 year old) weighing almost 18 pounds at 4 months old, so I ordered the 6-9 month size.

It fit him well but he still had room to grow into it.  I used it for a nap the day we got it and he slept an extra 45 minutes longer than he normally would.

You may be wondering how I remember all of this, but when it comes to sleep, or lack thereof, I have a very vivid memory.

We put him to sleep in it that night and he slept for a good 4-5 hours before waking and wanting to be fed.

After that he went back to sleep on his own without much (if any) fussing.

He continued to sleep for longer and longer stretches until he grew out of the sleepsuit at about 7-8 months old.

But by then the reflexes had subsided and he was able to continue sleeping fairly well in a sleepsack.

best books for babies language development

Drawbacks to the Magic Sleepsuit

There really aren’t any major drawbacks to this product!

Some people are concerned with their baby overheating, however we did not experience this.

We always kept our baby’s room cool because they were swaddled.  And we have an air conditioner running in the summer.

Just use your judgement, if it is really hot in your home and you do not have an air conditioner, then the sleepsuit may not be a great idea.

If your baby is able to roll while wearing the sleepsuit, that is an indicator that it may be time to put it away.

However, if your baby is rolling without the sleepsuit, but not when wearing the sleepsuit, this is great!

It means that your baby won’t end up on her stomach and then cry because she can’t roll onto her back again.

I wished that there would have been another size beyond the 6-9 month size because my son could have stayed in it for another month or 2 if he wouldn’t have outgrown it.

I highly recommend ordering 2 of these because we only had one, and when there were accidents (pee, spit up, etc) we were stuck until I had laundered our one and only sleepsuit.


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What Will You Do To Help Your Baby Sleep?

I highly recommend the Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit to any parent who is struggling to get their little one to sleep more soundly.

Yes, it does cost a bit more than a sleepsack (prices start at $15, but can go up to $45 for “designer” brands), but it is more than worth it.  My sanity definitely was worth the money!

I know that now there are similar products on the market, however when my children were babies, this was really the only option.  And it’s a product that has been around for close to 10 years now!

Have you tried the Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit?

Would you be willing to try it for your baby?

Do you have any other tips to help a baby sleep through the night?  Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Mike

    Our experience with this and most other products has been totally opposite. The sleep suit did nothing to help with reflexes and we found that our son was often over heating.

    After two kids I would recommend the best thing to do is to crib train early and invest in a high quality swaddler to combine with the early crib training.

    1. Tanya (Post author)

      Hi Mike,

      I’m sorry to hear that the Magic Sleep Suit did not work for your son. It worked wonders with my son. We used it in combination with sleep training!

  2. Anna

    Wow! this one is really interesting! Makes me sad though, because all of my 3 children were terrible sleepers as babies. Why couldn’t they invent this magic suit earlier??? Oh, my… It could have helped me so much… It could have saved me so many sleepless nights…
    However, my friend is going to give birth soon, and after reading your great review I am seriously considering buying it for her as a present when the baby will be born.
    Thank you!!

    1. Tanya (Post author)

      Thanks Anna.  The magic sleepsuit really is great and would make a wonderful gift for an expecting mother.  I would suggest ordering the larger size!

  3. Shoshanah Howell

    Hello Tanya, I really like your site. 

    I wish I new about the Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit sooner. My grandson had such a tough time sleeping. I think this would have helped him. 

    What a great idea to have resources for different topics that affect our little ones. Like what books to read to help with speech development.

    Your website is a wealth of information for parents, grandparents and even teachers! 

    I had no idea how easy it can be to incorporate learning naturally into everyday activities.

    1. Tanya (Post author)

      Hi Shoshanah,

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to browse around the site.  I love hearing that you find value in the information I am providing to my readers.  

      I’m sorry that you stumbled across this article a bit too late!  Perhaps you could share it with your grandsons parents so that they can pass it on to any friends who have a baby they are struggling to get to sleep.

  4. Owain

    Interesting article and product. My second child will be born in January and so my wife and I will want to buy some new clothes rather than all hand me downs. I like the design of a double zipper. That is quite unique.

    We will have to wait though until the little one is here and when she is passed the 3 month mark. Oops I gave the sex away there. Anyway this is something that I will look more closely at when the time comes. Thank you very much for your review.

    1. Tanya (Post author)

      Hi Owain,

      Congrats on the pregnancy! The Magic Sleepsuit really helped us with our son. Keep in mind that this product is meant just for sleeping in a bed. It’s not something you would put your little one in regularly.

  5. Liz

    I am a big fan of anything that will help baby stay asleep! My daughter, now 20 months, was a pretty crappy sleeper from day one. I wish I had known about alternative clothing arrangements when it came to sleep. This magic sleep suit sounds better than the one we ended up using (the ergo sleep pouch-which did improve the situation, but I didn’t like that she was kind of in a straight jacket). If I have another one, I will definitely be giving the merlin magic sleep suit a go! Thanks for the info.

    1. Tanya (Post author)

      Hi Liz,

      Sleeping is so important for babies and children. If you can work on good sleep habits from an early age, sleeping won’t be such an issue as children get older. I think we would have really struggled with my son’s sleep if it wasn’t for the Magic Sleepsuit.

      Perhaps some of these tips might help you with your daughter’s sleep:

      5 Simple Ways To Help Improve Your Baby’s Sleep Problems

      If You Read One Article About Toddler Naps, Read This One!

  6. Dawn

    What a lovely product and I can absolutely guarantee 1000’s of parents would love a longer sleep period!

    My little one is now 17 months old so too big for one of these but I would have absolutely loved one. Do they sell these or the equivalent of these in the UK do you know?

    I have also signed up to a copy of your E-book 🙂

    1. Tanya (Post author)

      Hi Dawn,

      You should be able to purchase the Magic Sleepsuit on Amazon (UK). I am not sure if there are comparable products available, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there are.

      Thanks so much for getting a copy of my e-book. I hope that you enjoyed it and found it helpful. Please send me a message and let me know if you have any questions.

  7. Vertical Veloxity

    Very nice!!! I am a helicopter dad in many ways. The thing that bothers me most about being a parent of young children, toddlers and below is many times they can ‘t tell us what is wrong with them. If they are too cold, or too warm etc.

    So being proactive is the best thing to do. Trying to anticipate what they want. This baby suit is excellent because it looks so comfortable. 🙂 . Making their little precious lives that much better.

    A baby ‘s sleep is very precious to me. If I have another child I will grab this. Nice present for my family and friends too.

    1. Tanya (Post author)

      Thanks for your comment. You are right, it is very difficult for parents to know what is going on with our young children. It sounds like you are a very good parent.

      The magic sleepsuit really does help with sleep, at least it did for my son. All children require adequate sleep in order to develop properly. However, nowadays children seem to be getting much less sleep than they require, in part due to busy schedules, electronics, etc.

      If you can start with good sleep habits when they are babies, then hopefully this pattern will continue throughout childhood.

  8. Tar

    Yes, nice name I must say. I agree on that. I guess as parents, it’s magical to have that sweet, magical dreams.

    Talk about magic, quite cute smile when the suit is on at the end of the video. I guess the message was tadaa!, look at me, I’m a magician™.

    What’s more magical, or exceptional, is that the suit stands out among the rest in terms of tips being given. Best investment, or bargain perhaps.

    1. Tanya (Post author)

      Thanks for your comment Tar! I can attest that the Magic Sleepsuit lives up to it’s name and is well worth the money! I hope that it will help other parents and their children the way it helped my son.

  9. Zoe

    Wow, this really does sound pretty magical!!! I think it’s something my brother could’ve done with when my niece was around that age… I think she’s probably a little too old for it now though!!
    I had no idea these things actually existed until now, so great post, thank you for reviewing and sharing!! 😀

    1. Tanya (Post author)

      Yes, the magic sleep suit is quite innovative. Unfortunately not many people know about it. I guess those parents desperate enough (like I was) will spend endless hours searching online for a solution to help their baby get to sleep. This is how I found the Baby Merlin Company and their one of a kind sleep suit.

  10. Joanne

    Wow love these sleepsuits! Sleep is so important for baby development and also for parent sanity!

    Thank you for sharing your experience of them. I was also concerned about the overheating part, especially as we have had some humid nights here but it sounds like it is fine if the room is fairly cool.

    1. Tanya (Post author)

      Sleep is important for a child’s development. And as we know sleep is very important for adults as well. The Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit should be fine in warm weather because like you mentioned if the temperature of the child’s room is on the cool side there wouldn’t be any issues.

      An alternative could be this book I recently wrote about. According to the research I did and the reviews I found this book should put your little one to sleep. Bedtime Story Books For Children: Is One The Clear Winner?

  11. Jack


    Excellent article, I was just browsing for ways to help my baby sleep when I came across your article. Thank you for sharing this information with us, I have found some very useful pointers to take away with me. I know others will also benefit from it. You clearly know your stuff.

    I love the way these sleepsuits almost seem like technology, I guess we have to keep them safe though.

    Again thank you for sharing, I know many people will benefit from knowing this now. I hope to hear from you soon, I will pop back in a few days to hear your response.


    1. Tanya (Post author)

      Hi Jack,

      Thanks for your comment. The magic sleepsuits really are like a piece of technology! Yes, they can help keep your baby safe since they can’t roll all over the place when wearing the sleepsuit. But it also means that your little one can get more sleep. And sleep is very important for a babies development!

  12. G.C.Horton

    I missed being a father, but was happily adopted at the not so tender age of 52 to a family already in progress.
    My girlfriend’s sons have families with young children and I had the amazing good fortune of being there when the two youngest were born.

    I heard about the sleepless nights and never imagined there was a baby Merlin magic sleepsuit. I wish I could have gotten it for my adopted sons. I’m sure everyone would have slept better.

    1. Tanya (Post author)

      Sounds like you have a great family now! You are lucky to have missed out on those sleepless nights. I think every family with a little baby should have a magic sleep suit in the house. These would make great baby shower gifts!

  13. Veronica

    Great product review! I didn’t know this piece of clothing existed! I love to hear from your personal stories and if this sleepsuit worked for your baby, it must work with many others. My 8 month old toddler has no trouble sleeping so I’m happy for that but if any of my future babies encounter this problem, I will surely consider this product. Thank you for your post!

    1. Tanya (Post author)

      Thanks Veronica. The Baby Merlin Magic sleepsuit worked so well for us. I have heard from others that it also worked well for them. You are lucky that your 8 month old is a good sleeper. I was very lucky with my daughter as she went from swaddling to a sleepsack and slept through the night by 3 months old.

      The magic sleep suit is definetly a great option to try if your next baby isn’t as good of a sleeper.

  14. rina

    I wish I knew about this magic sleep suit back then when my baby was a newborn. My baby was a light sleeper, she woke up a lot during nap and night-time. As a result, I was so sleep-deprived, such that it affects my mood during the day. You know, right, tired mama equals to cranky mama.
    Next time, if I ever have a baby again, I would surely look into this magic sleep suit. Thanks again for sharing this wonderful info.

    1. Tanya (Post author)

      Hi Rina,

      Thanks for your comment. Since the Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit isn’t heavily advertised many people don’t know about it. Hopefully more people will see this article and will give the magic sleepsuit a try.

  15. Susan

    Interesting post! Prior to this I did not know that there was this baby sleep suit available on the market. While I do not have any children at the moment, one of the concerns from mum-to-be friends is that they are afraid that their baby will not sleep through the night and they will have a tough time. I will let them know about this post. It will be very useful to them since the review is very informative and detailed.

    1. Tanya (Post author)

      I know, so many people have not heard of the Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit. It has been around for more than 6 years, however most advertising seems to be word of mouth and online searches by tired parents looking for a solution to their baby’s sleep problems. Thank you for passing my site on to your friends who are expecting babies. They may also find the article 5 Simple Ways To Help Improve Your Baby’s Sleep Problems of assistance. Let them know that they can contact me if they have any questions.

  16. Edy

    This Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit looks comfortable to wear. I am sure the product is worth buying. If I do have a baby, I would buy this suit for him. The blue color seems nice to me. Anyway, thanks for sharing the information here. I am going to recommend this to my friends who have already had a baby. Well done Tanya!

    1. Tanya (Post author)

      Hi Edy,

      I am very happy to hear that although you don’t have children of your own yet, you still enjoy reading the articles I post. I am sure your friends with babies will appreciate hearing about the Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit. While it is not new on the market (it has been around for 6+ years) many people still have not heard of it. Please let me know if any of your friends decide to purchase one. Or have them come to my site and leave me a comment. I would love to know what they think of the magic sleepsuit!

  17. Mark

    Hello Tanya

    This looks like a great product for getting the little one off to sleep.

    Although it was over 30 years ago we had great trouble getting our daughter off to sleep, this was in the early days of vhs and we used to have to rent a few every day to keep us awake as my daughter wouldn’t drop off until about 3am each morning.

    She would then sleep right through but it didn’t do anything good for our body clocks!

    The baby merlin magic sleepsuit would have been a godsend then. It looks like the sort of thing that will be a great help to new parents today. I have friends who recently became grandparents and they are always looking for ways to help their grandbaby sleep better. I will definitely be recommending that they check out your review of the magic sleepsuit!


    1. Tanya (Post author)

      Hi Mark,

      Thanks for taking the time to read about the Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit and recommending my review to your friends. I really hope that it will help them out. Sleep is a precious commodity in the first year of a babies life (and it’s parent’s) so anything that may help get a few extra hours is great.

      You can also tell your friends to take a look at the article 5 Simple Ways To Help Improve Your Baby’s Sleep Problems so that they can see why exactly sleep is so important for babies and children and learn some tips on how they can help.

  18. rule2020

    Your site is an excellent guide for parents who are serious about their child rearing strategies. I ask my wife to regularly read your posts to get some additional insights.

    We have a 7 year old boy and a 2 year old girl and we want to give them a solid foundation at their age to prepare them for their future life.

    We will visit your site more often to get new ideas as we trust that you can truly help.

    1. Tanya (Post author)

      Thanks for checking out my site. I am glad to hear that you are enjoying the posts and finding them helpful for your 2 children. Make sure you check out the subheadings within the language development section as there are some great general tips about language development and learning through play.

  19. Oral

    Very good review on the product, and so informative for those of us who didn’t know that such a product exists. Wished I knew about this when my son was a baby. He had problems having a good night sleep, and I had to take the night shifts, so that my wife could get some sleep herself.

    As you said when it comes on to your sanity and a good night sleep this is a small price to pay.

    1. Tanya

      Hi Oral,

      Thanks for your comment regarding the Magic Sleepsuit. Like I said in the article, this sleepsuit really was magical for us. I just wish it would have come in a bigger size because my son could have still used it after he outgrew the one we had.

      Hopefully you are getting a good night sleep now!

      1. Oral

        Yes Tanya, getting all the sleep I need now. He is fully grown and at university. Smile

  20. Matthew

    Excellent review on what looks to be a really good product! I’d get one for my son in a heartbeat but I don’t think he’d fit in the larger size anymore (he’s 8mos now and weighed in at nearly 20lbs at his 6mo check up!). He seems to have all those sleep issues you talked about on here, when he wakes up during the night it seems to be from some random fidget if it’s not a random noise that woke him up (though it is pretty darn cute when he reaches out to pat my wife’s face in the middle of sleep almost as if he’s checking if she’s still there lol). Might have to look into getting one for our next child on the way!

    1. Tanya (Post author)

      Hi Matthew,

      Yes, it seems like your son may be a bit too big for the magic sleepsuit. Perhaps I will email the creator of the magic sleepsuit to see if she has any intentions of coming out with a bigger size. Sleep is such a struggle for so many babies and their parents. I know that many parents get used to living on only a few hours of sleep, however it is really important for a child’s development to establish good sleep patterns early on. You may find my article 5 Simple Ways To Help Improve Your Baby’s Sleep Problems interesting!

  21. Cathy

    Hi Tanja,

    This is very interesting. I didn’t know that a baby wakes up from their own reflexes (I am also not a mother yet, so excuse me for my lack of knowledge). So I suppose this sleepsuit works great in restricting their movements. Where I live in the tropics, the material could be very warm though. But it’s good to know that there are always options out there.


    1. Tanya (Post author)

      Hi Cathy,
      Don’t worry, many people don’t realize that one of the reasons babies wake up frequently is because of these primitive reflexes that startle them awake. When you are ready, check out my article Sleep is so important for both baby and parents. If you don’t have air conditioning in your home and you find that you are warm/hot when you sleep, then the magic sleep suit may not work. However, if you are able to sleep covered up comfortable, then your baby would probably be ok with the magic sleep suit.

  22. Meaghan

    Great post. I have a 4 week old and the past two nights she has been very fidgety. I find that the swaddling comes off quick due to her flailing. I am going to keep this product in mind. Seems like a good investment of $40! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Tanya (Post author)

      Hi Meaghan, thank you for your comment. I found that the miracle blanket worked well for swaddling. It is a bit easier than just using your own blanket, because I agree, it is hard to keep it in place, especially as your baby gets bigger and squirmier. $40 is definitely worth it for a good night sleep. If you haven’t checked out my article on why I think getting your baby to sleep well starting at a young age is so important, here it is Hopefully you will find some of the tips helpful!


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