The BOSE Build Speaker Cube: Another Great STEM Toy!

bose build speaker cube

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I recently discovered the Bose Build Speaker Cube for kids.

As I love seeing children learning through play and engaging in hands on learning, this gadget had me intrigued.  So I have spent the past few days researching and learning about this small but powerful speaker.

Typically, I try to focus my articles on the birth to 6 age range, but children over the age of 6 still need a lot of hands on learning experiences.  And this DIY speaker will allow that to happen.

A Look At The Bose Build Speaker Cube

Who Is This Speaker Meant For?

The age recommendation provided by Bose is ages 8 and up.  There are many small parts, so be careful if there are younger children around.

This is the perfect toy for both boys and girls that are interested in music, as well as learning how things work from an engineering perspective.

This is what makes it so wonderful from a STEM (science, technology, engineering/electronics, math) perspective.

Now, this little speaker isn’t cheap (you can see the price here).

If you are familiar with Bose products you will know that they all have mid-high range price points.

However, you will also be able to download a free iPhone/iPad/iPod app (sorry, no Android app at this point) that will help your child assemble the speaker all while teaching some principles of engineering, acoustics and electronics.bose build speaker cube step by step assembly

What Comes In The BOSEbuild Kit?

Each kit contains the contents to build a small bluetooth cube speaker (approximately 5 inches).  The finished product is surrounded by a translucent plastic case.

There are also interchangeable colored panels that can be added once the speaker is built.

A copper coil and magnet are also included.  These two items are used with the app to transmit signals and thus make up the main components of the speaker.

The app is interactive but also serves as the instruction manual.

For example, you can learn how attaching a magnet to the Bose Build box with a piece of tape will make the overall speaker louder.  The app also teaches audio concepts such as sound equalization, frequencies and waveforms.

There is also a control unit which contains LED lights of varying colors that can be programmed to flash in time with the music.

One thing I want to point out is that this speaker DOES NOT run on batteries.  Therefore it will need to be plugged in.  This isn’t all that bad as the cord is quite long.

However, it does somewhat limit the portability of this speaker.

BOSEbuild speaker cube

List of Contents:
♦ power supply
♦ coil
♦ magnet
♦ control panel
♦ clips
♦ panels and silhouette covers
♦ LED lights

Take a look at the BoseBuild speaker in action!

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Overall Thoughts On The Bose Build Speaker Cube

As I mentioned above this “toy” isn’t cheap.  But keep in mind that it is more than your run of the mill “educational” toy or a basic bluetooth speaker.

Your child gets to build her own speaker!  And once built it can be taken apart and then put back together again.

If you have older children that are fascinated with DIY toys and electronics like LEGO Mindstorms for example, you know that unfortunately these things are not cheap.

If you read my article Are Toys That Teach Kids How To Code Necessary In Today’s Electronic World?, you will know that I do not believe that these types of toys are necessary for your child to develop and thrive in today’s’ technological society.

However, the BoseBuild Speaker is not marketed as a toy.  It is meant to open up a child’s world and show him that science and technology can be fun and engaging.

This speaker is also meant for children over the age of 8.

Sadly, many children at this point in their lives don’t really play with toys the way younger children do.

Children over the age of 8 often find video games, apps and TV shows more alluring than simply playing (which I think is unfortunate).

From a learning perspective and if it fits into your budget, the Bose Build Speaker Cube would make a great gift for an older child!

And, so far it has received amazing reviews from people who have purchased it!

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What do you think? Would you give one of these a try?

The BOSEbuild speaker cube is a wonderful #STEM toy for school aged kids! Click to learn what makes this DIY toy more than just another toy! #kidsactivities


  1. Fairweather Green

    Great quality products made by Bose. My iPod Bose speaker must be 12 / 13 years old now and still sounds pure.

    Problem with these products is that although they are at the high end of the price spectrum, they last for years on end. They are sooooo good that I don’t think I’ll need to upgrade any time soon.

    Thanks for the review, always nice to see what Bose are doing.

    1. Tanya (Post author)

      Thanks for your comment. Yes, they are good products. But the BOSE Build Speaker Cube is so much more than other bluetooth speaker. This one is meant for kids to learn with! It’s great for inquisitive minds.

  2. Robert

    SUPER COOL! My son’s B-Day is coming up and I think this is a perfect gift for him. We love spending time doing projects like this, and like you, I believe it is very beneficial to their young minds. You do a great job of explaining exactly what this product includes and what the benefit is. I also like that you include the video that really brings it to life on the screen. Thank you.

    1. Tanya (Post author)

      I think the BOSE Build Speaker Cube would make a great gift! It’s a bit pricey to be “just another toy”.


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