Parenting: The Hardest Job in This Technological Era

parenting in a tech era

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The Challenges Of Parenting In The 2000’s

If you thought having children was easy, think again.  Raising kids is one of the most, if not the most, difficult job in today’s technological era.  People don’t understand the implications that this world of technology brings about when it comes to raising good, honest individuals.  Moreover, the worst part is, no book or magazine in the world can prepare you for what to expect when you bring a child into today’s world.  Every case scenario is different and over the years parenting practices have evolved phenomenally. Today parents are employing tech savvy methods to keep a check on their kids and manage their lives together. One of the most common features used are spying applications like TheOneSpy.

Let’s take a look at how each important feature of parenting has evolved and practices have adapted to recent times.

Keeping an eye on who your child hangs out with

Back in the day, parents used to know about each and every friend that their children had.  This was easier because circles and social mingling was restricted.  Parents would have an intricate detailed idea of who their kids were hanging out with and what they did.
With added social connectivity, as parents you can never be sure who your child is canoodling with on a daily basis.  Moreover, the idea of “friends” has become lost and everyone is mingling based on acquaintances.  However, with monitoring applications, parents now can keep an eye on people their children talk to and hang out with.  These applications allow parents to tap into their kids phones and social media accounts hence tracking conversations, plans etc.

Keeping tabs on your child’s whereabouts

Keeping an eye on your kids’ daily activities was quiet easier back in the day.  From play dates to scheduled outings, mothers did not have to worry about concepts like strange company keeping.  The most a mother did have to do was become a patron and supervise a bunch of kids during play dates.
Today, technology has not only liberalized kids but it has also given them undue independence.  Now parents are using monitoring applications to track their kids’ location as they roam around freely.  Parents are so busy with their own schedules that it is virtually impossible to schedule supervised outings.  However, with the help of monitoring applications, parents’ track their kids locations easily and even get geographical boundaries which if breached will automatically send a notification to them.

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Managing their gadgets and toys

Let’s be honest, technology has basically tarnished the idea of simple healthy toys.  Today the idea is that the more complicated the toy the better received it will be.  Also toys have evolved into gadgets used by kids on a daily basis. Understanding the workings of each toy was far simpler than what it is today.
Today the gadgets open doors into the scary world of internet.  Here, children are vulnerable and can get addicted on anything and everything.  As parents, we are often concerned about what our children do online.  Hence, with the help of spying applications parents can easily add and subtract different applications and media content from any gadget by remotely accessing it.

Making sure they are not involved with adult content material

The sneakiest access to adult content was through magazines occasionally hidden under the mattress of a bed. Thinking back, it may bring a smile to parents’ faces but in reality it only reminds them how many more new outlets have opened up into the world of adult content.
The easiest way to make sure your kids sexual growth is not hindered in any way is by placing filters and blocks on their web browsers casually used on the phones and other electronics gadgets.  This can easily be accomplished through monitoring applications as they also help parents put timers on the internet usage.  Once the allotted time is over, the internet connection ceases to exist until a password is entered (which should only be known to parents).


Parenting may have become difficult but let’s be honest, technology has also paved some ways for parents to easily manage what their child is up to and have a life of their own at the same time.  Monitoring applications like TheOneSpy have liberalized parents. If the kids can be tech savvy, parents can be too!

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