Newborn Baby Gift Baskets – Which One To Choose

Do you know someone that is expecting a little bundle of joy but you have no idea what to get as a “welcome to the world gift”.  Look no further. I am going to tell you about some unique baby gift baskets (not all in this post).  There are hundreds of thousands of baby gifts out there and it can be quite time consuming trying to figure out which one(s) would be the best.  Hopefully I can help you out.

Today I want to share with you the “Welcome to the World” gift set by Discovery Toys.  I love Discovery Toys.  They are known for their extremely high quality educational toys that will last a very long time.  When I was practicing as a Speech-Language Pathologist, the clinic I worked at had a huge selection of Discovery Toys that we used during our therapy sessions.

Before I go into details about this amazing baby gift basket I want to share with you 2 things that make Discovery Toys stand out from the crowd.

Eco-Friendly Product Collection

  • The wood used comes from sustainable forests
  • Decorated with water-based paints
  • Soy-based inks are used for the packing materials

Earth Play Soft CollectionDiscovery Toys Earth Play

  • produced with GOTS certified organic cotton
  • free from phthalates, heavy metals, bleach, PVC and formaldehyde
  • dyes and oils are biodegradable

Discovery Toys Newborn Baby Gift Baskets

The Welcome to the World set is pretty cool because it is customizable (somewhat).  You can choose your gift set based on your budget.

The Welcome To The World Baby Gift Basket has 3 options to choose from:

  1. Silver
  2. Gold
  3. Platinum

The price range is $45-$110 US.  So, I assume you want to know just what is in this wonderful and unique baby gift basket!  I will try and sum it up for you while pointing out the learning benefits of each item.

The Silver Package:

This package comes with:

discovery toys welcome to the world gift set


  • Earth Play Musical Pal – This adorable little lion plays lullaby music when his legs are pulled.  Your baby’s hearing will be engaged each time the music is played.  With an older baby, he can pull the legs himself, thus learning about cause and effect.  The lion can be tied to a stroller, car seat or crib rail.
  • Super Yummy – this teether is BPA and Phthalate Free!  It has 5 different textured heads to help those sore gums.  The super yummy has a food grade light vanilla sent to help awaken your baby’s senses.  Accidental movements will soon become purposeful as the baby learns to put the teether towards his mouth or feel the different textures with his other hand.
  • Tumbler – The tumbler is part of the eco-friendly collection.  Your little one will discover how to track with her eyes while stimulating auditory development (clacking sound can be heard when shaken or rolled – this also encourages cause and effect).  This is a great toy to work on “tummy time” as it will motivate the baby to reach for the toy.  Your baby’s grasp and coordination will also be strengthened as she learns to reach for and shake the tumbler.

The Gold Package

This package comes with what you get in the silver package plus:

  • Peace, Little One (CD) – I used music a lot when my children were younger (they still love listening to music today) in order to help soothe or calm them down.  We actually had a copy of the Peace, Little One CD that was given to us as a gift.  According to studies, neural connections can be made by listening to instrumental music.  The more connections that are made early on, the more brain capacity there is for learning.  If you know any of the words to the songs, sing or hum along so your little one can hear the soothing sound of your voice as well.  Take any opportunity you can to strengthen the parent-child bond.Discovery toys earth play puppet
  • Earth Play Puppet – This puppet is meant to be worn on an adults hand to interact with baby, however, it can also be used as a comfort item for your little one.   You never know, it could become his favorite “stuffy”.  This puppet also makes a soft rattling sound to stimulate your baby’s auditory senses.  Puppets are great for interaction between adult and baby.  Watch your baby’s face light up in delight when you are the puppeteer.  As your baby grows into a toddler, he may want to use the puppet himself.  When children use puppets, their imagination is sparked and new vocabulary can be heard!

The Platinum Package

This package come with everything in the Gold and Silver Packages plus:

  • Rockin’ Roller – I love the rockin’ roller because it is actually 2 toys in 1.  The ball that is inside the roller can be pulled out and put back in again.  Once your baby is a bit older, she will figure out how to do this on her own, once again teaching cause and effect!  You may wonder what cause and effect has to do with language.  My answer is a lot.  As children get older they need to learn that their words (cause) mean something (effect).  So if they say something not so nice to a friend the effect of those words will be a friend with hurt feelings.  Ok, sorry for that tangent, back to the rockin’ roller.  This toy has many different textures and makes a few different sounds, working both on the sense of touch and hearing.  You can roll the toy back and forth with your baby once he is sitting up.   Rolling a ball or the entire roller is great to target early vocabulary (ball) as well as turn taking skills!  discovery toys rockin roller and pengu
  • Pengu – This little wooden penguin is so adorable.  The rings or clacking discs, are connected by an elastic cord so your baby can pull them apart and watch them go back together again.  And you don’t have to worry about losing pieces.  The sound of the clacking discs stimulates hearing as well as teaches about cause and effect.   Once your baby is a bit older you can point out his eyes and beak (mouth).  And then, ask your little one “where are Pengu’s eyes/mouth?” and see if she will point to them (don’t worry if this doesn’t happen right away, for some kids they won’t do this until after their first birthday – but there is no harm in pointing out these details).
  • Discovery Toys Tote

I can guarantee you that this will be the best $45-$110 you have ever spent on a baby gift!

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  1. Maria

    Love this. How adorable are these little toys?

    Can I just say I am really a fan of eco-friendly toys. When it comes to your kids, why risk using plastics and all kinds of chemicals when there are better alternatives?

    Thanks for this review and letting us know about these fun little discovery toy gift baskets. I think any parent would love receiving these.


    1. Tanya (Post author)

      Thanks for stopping by Maria! I just found out that some of the items in this particular newborn baby gift basket have been changed. If you click on the links you will see what is now included. However, be assured that they still contain eco-friendly and chemically free toys! This is very important when the toys are being “eaten” by the baby!

  2. Anewcreature

    I see your love for children is beyond measure and that is such a good thing. These days I find our adults/parents are often selfish and irresponsible and with that it is obvious that your website is a great thing. As your visitors come and go they will be able to learn and share and a positive message that shall spread. Thanks for your contribution and again your website is more then one could expect!

    1. Tanya (Post author)

      Thank you for your kind comment. And thank you for taking the time to visit a few pages on my site. I hope to teach parents and caregivers that there are many simple ways that you can help a child grow and develop. A child does not need all of the latest and greatest gadgets to thrive. In fact, quite the opposite it is true!

  3. Daniella

    Hi Tanya

    Great article and really helpful!

    My sister will be giving birth in about 3 weeks and I really look forward to see my new little nephew.

    I like the Rocking Roller, I think he will like it.

    Will this be safe for a newborn baby?

    Thank you for this awesome blog, I will be back to read some more.

    1. Tanya (Post author)

      Hi Daniella,

      You seem very excited to become an Aunt. As you are already reading up on babies, I’m sure you will make a wonderful aunt.

      The newborn baby gift basket, including the rocking roller are all meant for little babies. Most babies won’t be able to hold the items until they are closer to 3 months old. However they can still track objects with their eyes before this. A baby can also listen to the sounds made by these newborn toys.

  4. Frida

    Great article.You have made choosing gifts for babies easy.
    Whenever we are in this situation, we are stranded because the owner of the gift is too small to know and you are not sure the mother will like the gift.
    So now with the ideas that you have written down, seeing your friend’s new born will be fun.

    1. Tanya

      Hi Frida,

      Thank you for your comment. You are right that choosing a newborn baby gift can be quite challenging. The Discovery Toys newborn baby gift baskets really are exceptional quality and they promote early learning through play!

  5. Travis Smithers

    Now that is a nice way to get a gift for friends and family expecting a new born by purchasing a Newborn Baby Gift Basket. I like how you have the three categories of silver, gold and platinum with the total price range from $45 – $110 dollars.

    This method would make purchasing a gift so much easier where you can pick a price to receive a special gift for the newborn when it is so hard to find the extra time it usually takes to go shopping yourself from store to store looking for something appropriate.

    1. Tanya

      I agree Travis, having the option of picking from different packs for the newborn gift basketsis great. Discovery toys has some very high quality products and all of their toys offer some kind of educational component. They really do make great gifts.

  6. Sarah

    I’ve got a little one coming and now have some great ideas for toys he’ll enjoy. Do you have any of these, which is your favorite?

    1. Tanya (Post author)

      Congrats on the pregnancy Sarah! Is this your first? I have many discovery toys. Out of the newborn baby gift baskets I love the Rockin’ Roller and the Elephant Pupppet. My daughter loved both of these. The Rockin’ Roller is cool because the ball comes out of it. My daughter loves her stuffies, so the elephant was added to her collection pretty quickly. These toys are all very durable and amazing quality.

  7. Umar H. Soaries

    I like the look and feel of your website. The colors are perfect for your topic, and your newborn products are great. I’m going to bookmark this for future reference. Good fortune to you.

    1. Tanya (Post author)

      Thank you for your comment Umar! I am hoping to add more products as the site continues to grow. I love finding independent high quality toy manufacturers. There are some pretty neat baby products out there just waiting to be found.


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