Speech and Language Tips and Tricks

Are You Ignoring Your Toddler’s Delayed Speech?

Why a wait and see approach to delayed language development isn't always a wise choice

If you answered yes to the question  “Are you ignoring your toddler’s delayed speech*?” please keep reading. You may have heard comments such as:  “don’t worry he will talk when he is ready” or “it’s ok, Einstein didn’t talk until…
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Beginner’s Guide: Baby Sign Language Basics

Baby sign language basics

Welcome to baby sign language basics! Did you know that baby sign language has been around for many, many years?  However it has only gained popularity in North America within the last 10 to 15 years. As a Baby Signs®…
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My Child Understands But Doesn’t Speak – Read This!

“My child understands but doesn’t speak” is something that all speech pathologists have heard. While most of the time this is probably true, there are some cases in which the child has learned strategies to make it look like he is understanding when he isn’t. I will show you how to detect true understanding.

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